I have a real talent for making sorry-ass web pages. This page is no exception.


Mon Apr 2 19:13:48 UTC 2001
Version 0.9 has been released; it has a faster renderer/parser and also allows for theming. There is also code to modify the foreground color when it is similar to the background; this lets you have a white on black theme and still see messages with a white background properly. Isn't that fun. I don't know why I bother making releases; no one cares about this by itself, it's only useful in the context of gaim.

Fri Jan 26 02:03:04 UTC 2001
GtkIMHtml went into GAIM's CVS today! The first release is also out now, so you can download it and play with the test program if you want. There are still a few bugs with what's there, but it's so much better than the old widget that I can't not put it in. A lot of thanks to BMiller, who put in a lot of patches to make this possible :)

Mon Jan 22 11:13:12 UTC 2001
Made some screenshots. As far as progress goes, everything is working, I just have to apply BMiller's patch to do selection and it'll go into GAIM.

Fri Jan 19 21:09:39 UTC 2001
Woo! Uploaded a patch against the current GAIM CVS. Apply it, and put the gtkimhtml.c and gtkimhtml.h files in the src/ directory, and you should be all set. I added a feature (not yet optional) to press F2 to turn on and off timestamps. Make sure to read the current ChangeLog and TODO files to see what's done, what the known problems are, and what still needs to be done.

Fri Jan 19 11:14:47 UTC 2001
Alright, I figured out that the permissions on the sourceforge project directory are working, so now we have a webpage. Webpages of graphical programs invariably means screenshots. This page is an exception. I'll get screenshots up shortly. In the mean time you can take a look at the README, which should give you a pretty good idea of what the project is about.

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